Top strategies to win at a roulette game

When you play roulette, as we have seen, you can only count on your luck to achieve the right bet or bets and so, can be pocketed a nice sum. But today, we are going to present you some strategies or tips for maybe forcing the hand of fate. And remember that if you want to test other games between two roulette games like poker.

The choice of roulette type

We have already addressed the subject several times: it will be better to choose a European roulette rather than American because it offers more interesting probabilities with regard to the player because it does not have the box 00. So be chauvinistic, be European. You will be able to search for information on French or English roulettes. Many sites offer an English roulette trick or a particular strategy for French roulette. This will allow you to become familiar with it! Visit this site for Casino Malaysia.

Color / third party betsCasino Malaysia

This method is not a method that will save you millions of euros in a few moments but it will allow you to gradually increase your bankroll. It is, moreover, very simple to handle. The goal is to place, on the same turn, a bet on the color of your choice and on one of the proposed thirds. The bets must be equal. Thinking that the color you choose will have a 50% chance of being the right one, it offers some security. Let’s illustrate this with a specific example: You bet € 10 on black and € 10 on the first third. If you win on both bets, you win 1 bet for the color plus twice the stake for the third, so you will make 50 € in gain, or 30 € profit. But if you lose a third, with your flush draw, you will not lose anything. If you lose the color but win the third, then your profit will be 10 €. You will have, and we must not omit, the possibility of losing everything if your two bets are incorrect but the chances are low to lose everything on the draw because of the high probability that represents the color and the third.

The amazing Paroli method

This is a method that will quickly increase your bankroll. The goal, unlike systems like the martingale, for example, is to double the hands you win. We double our gains, not our losses. Let’s take a concrete example. You bet € 5 if you win € 15, you will bet the next round the initial € 5 + € 5 to double, € 10 total. So, you have € 5 on the € 15 that will come to be placed in your balance. Gradually, you grow your bankroll while betting stronger each time, so larger gains too. By cons, if you lose the hand, in this case, we advise you to return to the initial bet or 5 €.